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As a passionate entrepreneur and business coach, I would like to share with you my insights, my coaching perspectives as well as my contributions or reflexions with the goal of continuing to help others. I will try to answer some of your questions, to arise your curiosity or to trigger your self-reflection.

The content of this blog is presented either in English, in French or in German, the three languages I am currently working in. 

Want to truly engage people ? Then manage them by exception !

The text below in German is the first part of the transcript of a contribution about multicultural management and what it means in the context of globalization, demographic change and the coexistence of multigenerational workforces and subcultures. The contribution was originally presented at the RWF Rheingauer Wirtschaftsforum 2015 (RWF Rheingau economic forum 2015). Download the first part of the contribution here. The complete paper will help you understand how to get from managing people in a multicultural working context to truly engaging them and why it is important to do so. I believe that companies must move beyond accepting cultural identities and differences to leveraging them for

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