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"An 'intrapreneur': an employee who is given freedom and financial support to create new products, services and systems, who does not have to follow the company’s usual routines or protocols."

"I’m as proud of many of the things we haven’t done as of the things we have done. Innovation is saying no to a thousand things."

Richard Branson

Steve Jobs


Are you ready to become entrepreneurial ?

As an intrapreneur, you are expected to develop an in-house entrepreneurial spirit in order to show initiative and to be innovative. We help you develop your inner entrepreneur within the specific context of the company that employs you.

If the key talents and skills expected from an intrapreneur are very close to the ones of an entrepreneur, it is crucial to recognize the way in which those talents and skills can be expressed.

Our expertise will allow you to reap all the benefits of entrepreneurship in the context of your current job, so that you can be perfectly at ease with the responsibilities of developing and innovating you have been given.

Intrapreneurial Mindset

As an intrapreneur you have the opportunity to express your talents in a context that is different from the one of an entrepreneur on some essential aspects. We will show you how you can successfully apply a true/genuine entrepreneurial mindset, even if your constraints and environment are not those of an independent entrepreneur.

Unlike an entrepreneur, you :

  • usually consider only a part of the company to solve a specific problem

  • have to consider corporate constraints: this requires a specific kind of creativity

  • have to find resources and assistance for the project within your company and have to negotiate to have access to them

  • will be paid by your company: this will influence the way you measure risk

  • have to work in an established company culture: this means that you will measure your achievements in relation to established values

However, like an entrepreneur, you will have to excel at managing key elements of the entrepreneurial spirit: such as being creative, setting priorities, assessing risks.

Become an Intrapreneur

As an intrapreneur, your have been assigned the responsibility to drive innovation into your company by seeking technologies or applications able to increase your company’s productivity or by developing a brand new product or service, which results in an entire new business line for your company.

A good deal of the talents you will need rely on the fundamentals of entrepreneurship. To become a successful intrapreneur, you need a fair level of autonomy and independence, you need to be creative and to understand trends, to innovate, to be customer-focused, persevering, emotionally resilient, self-disciplined, inspiring, a good negotiator, an opportunity seeker, a smart risk-taker, to communicate well, to be flexible.

But on the way to successful intrapreneurship, you will also need talents that will be inherent to the fact that you are an intrapreneur: being a change agent, being a corporate leader, managing expectations and being a great team player are just some examples.

We help you develop the set of talents and concepts you need to drive your projects towards success.

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