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"I have not failed. I’ve just found 10 000 ways that won’t work."

Thomas Edison



As an entrepreneur, you are familiar with operational, strategic and personal challenges and understand the value of solid partnerships. Make BFCC your decisive partner for your personal growth or the growth of your company.
Is your company in a phase of:

  • Consolidation?

  • Professionalization (transition to professional management)?

  • Diversification (developing new products)?

  • Expansion (scaling-up)?

  • Integration (other company[ies], new business unit[s])?

  • Revitalization (developing new markets, pivoting)?

Our coaching and consulting services can help you at each of these stages, whether at personal or at business level.

Personal Growth

As an entrepreneur, you grow with your company. We can help you when this growth becomes challenging, allowing you to accelerate and to ensure your personal development.
Coaching can help you get through situations all entrepreneurs have to face : lack of motivation, fear, personal issues, work-life balance, developing your communication skills, pitching, growing a network, finding new partners, etc.
Coaching can also facilitate your transition and enable you to achieve your goals. 

Business Growth

Strategic growth
Strategic growth is about adjusting and developing your business in a changing environment of clients, competitors, suppliers or technologies. We stand at your side on the path leading from the identification of the opportunities and the anticipation of the risks to the success in change.
Master your environment to seize opportunities
We inspire you to find new business opportunities by understanding and helping you analysing your changing environment. We help you facilitate your decision making process in a long term and work on a robust development strategy.
Anticipate your risks to adjust your business
We help you predict the different types of risks you might face and analyze their key issues. We then apply the projection to your business model to optimize its resilience.
Think out of the box: be innovative!
Strategic growth is all about having a vision. We give you inputs to think differently, to be creative and innovative in a world that is in constant flux. We help you with discovering people's talents, as well as implementing and developing them within your organization or team.

Operational growth
Obtaining operational growth is always the result of a positive and proactive decision-making process. As founder of the company, you want to remain in a position that provides you with a deep knowledge of each and every process that can be optimized with a positive impact on income growth and cost reduction.
Our consulting methodology helps you investigate your process optimization on each of the key axes of your company's organization (finance, HR, product and services, client management, communication, partners) to identify and remedy potential redundancies or dysfunctions.


Our methodology consists in optimizing your resources and skills, to increase their added value. We follow a 3-key step enlighten by your knowledge of your company. ​
Step 1 - Understand - the Audit
First, we question together the fundamentals of your business, from the general to the specific. Our conversation identifies the key elements of your activity, those that make it a success, those that make it sustainable and those that make it unique. It also measures obstacles or weaknesses, whether internal or external, potential or actual.
Step 2 - Analyze
The next step involves helping you analyzing the needs, opportunities and risks related to your business/situation/environment.
Step 3 - Decide
The last step consists in the decision-making process. You have gained a comprehensive and transversal view of your business, your situation and your environment that allows you to make the right decision at the right moment, that will allow you to generate growth.

Are you ready to grow ?

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